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Accessories for Orbis 50cm polishers, scrubbers and burnishers

Accessories for Orbis 50cm polishers, scrubbers and burnishers

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Product Name Price Qty
Solution Tank
Excl. VAT: £100.17
Gumati polishing brush (200/400 rpm)
Excl. VAT: £142.14
Polyprop scrubbing brush
Excl. VAT: £90.86
Vacuum bags (pack of 10)
Excl. VAT: £10.98
50cm - Vacuum skirt
Excl. VAT: £109.70
50 cm Anti-splash skirt
Excl. VAT: £14.31
50cm Drive Disc
Excl. VAT: £114.24
Vacuum unit, bracket and hose
Excl. VAT: £233.72
Spray system kit, inc. mounting bracket & tubing
Excl. VAT: £81.09

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Product Description


Below you will find more information about the individual accessories for the Orbis 50cm models to learn which one(s) are right for your needs.

Solution Tank

12 litre tank for scrubbing or shampooing.

Vacuum bags

Come in a pack of 10 bags.

50cm drive disc

Retains cleaning pads.

Spray system kit

Includes mounting bracket & tubing.

Polypropylene scrubbing brush

Ideal for wet scrubbing.

Anti-splash skirt

Prevents water splashing during wet scrubbing tasks.

Vacuum unit, bracket and hose

Combined with the vacuum skirt it provides you with a full dust control.

Gumati polishing brush (dry use only)

Dry use only ideal for general scrubbing.

Vacuum skirt

Provides full dust control when used with the vacuum unit.